Refrigerated containers for sale or hire in Botswana!

Speedspace offers a range of refrigerated containers for perishable cargo in several sizes and designs. Our refrigerated containers are exceptional quality and designed specifically for storing temperature-sensitive cargo and they maintain a consistent temperature throughout.

These containers can be intelligently set to operate within a wide temperature range, ranging from a chilling -18°C to a gentle +10°C. Our refrigerated containers showcase an unparalleled capacity to maintain optimal conditions regardless of external elements or geographic constraints.

Our team at Speedspace understands the importance of timely delivery and prompt service. Whether you need a short-term rental or a permanent solution, we have flexible options available to custom-design and manufacture refrigerated containers at very competitive prices.

Installation requirements:

To properly connect refrigerated shipping containers (Reefers) to the existing power grid, the following installation process is necessary.

Ensuring the site is level and constructed with appropriate material to prevent container sinking is crucial. It’s important to maintain levelness at both the front and back of the unit, ensuring squareness of the doors. A slight incline toward the door end, around 3 to 4 degrees, aids in interior cleaning by facilitating water runoff when using a high-pressure sprayer.

Electrical Specifications: 

Every refrigerated container (Reefer) comes equipped with a power cable ranging from 10 to 15 meters in length, consisting of 4 core, 4mm² cable. Additionally, it features a standard marine-grade IP65 rated CEE 17 plug with a 3 ̊Clock earth pin attached to this cable.

The necessary electrical setup is as follows: an electrical point featuring a CEE 17 coupler with a 3 ̊ clock earth, accompanied by a 32A D curve circuit breaker to safeguard the cable components of the container. Alternatively, you can opt to bypass the C17 plug entirely and directly wire into a 32A D Curve circuit breaker. However, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with the local electrical standards. Your electrician, responsible for the installation, can provide further guidance on these specifics.

It’s crucial to emphasize the necessity of a “D” curve circuit breaker, also known as a motor start breaker. Using a standard industrial light start breaker can lead to breakdowns, causing single phasing and power supply issues. It’s important to recognize that reefers necessitate a 3 Phase plus Earth connection—no neutral connection is needed.


Speedspace offers a range of refrigerated containers for perishable cargo in several sizes and designs:

  • 20′ (6 m) with a maximum payload of 27,4 metric tons

  • 40′ (12 m) high cube, which offers 64m³ of storage capacity with a maximum payload of 29,6 tons.

Although the exact dimensions of containers may vary slightly, the table below shows the general dimensions of standard refrigerated containers:

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