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Ufudu Cabins Insulation

Better insulation due to the use of green energy insulation materials and wall panel's insulated joints.

Fireproof Insulation

Fireproof Grade A; EI60 standard

Excellent Performance

Fast Installation & Flexible Combination
Up to 50% time saving on construction over traditional building techniques. Installation of a single cabin can be undertaken by only two skilled workers.

A range of low-cost Ufudu cabins available for sale or hire

As a significant benefit, our collapsible and easily transportable Ufuducabins can save our customers and end-users up to 75% on freight charges. This means our flatpack system yields significant total cost savings, particularly when an affordable mobile space management solution, suitable for accommodation, is needed in a remote area.

Because freight costs into Africa are notably expensive and sometimes prohibitive, we transport collapsed units of Ufuducabins, which we erect on site to your requirements, instead of transporting space.

Whether you want to build a rural school, clinic or library, or a special construction, mining or exploration camp with homes and offices, a suite of mobile Ufuducabins, suitable for accommodation, complete with storage, sleeping, ablution, eating, laundry and recreational facilities, is available, for sale or hire, to meet your specific needs.

Our mobile Ufuducabins are robust, low maintenance and easy to install and customers have the option to purchase or hire, at attractive and competitive rates.

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Flatpack Office Container/Cabin

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Flatpack Office Container/Cabin


Ufuducabins are easy to unpack, erect and commission with speed and accuracy, thanks to the flatpack system. All assembly can be done on site with standard tools. Each of our Ufuducabins can be erected on virtually any surface, because we provide adjustable base jacks inside our kits.
This flatpack system allows the end-user to join multiple units of mobile homes, offices or storage, even if the ground is uneven or not level. What’s more, should any Ufuducabin panel or other component be damaged, it is easy to replace because of the simple, modular designs we use.

All mobile Ufuducabins, available for sale or hire, have a basic superstructure with interchangeable unit panels. Each superstructure comprises a floor, four corner posts and a roof.

The superstructure is available in four standard sizes: the 3m and 6m models, all of which are 2,44m wide and 2,79m high.

The modular superstructures in the flatpack system are designed to allow units to be joined and stacked for an unlimited range of home or office configurations.

With each Ufuducabin model, a predefined number of panels to complete the final cabin structure is installed. These panels, in turn, comprise different standard types: blind panels, door panels and window panels. These can be supplied and installed in various configurations to suit the customer’s requirements.



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